You Can Play Diablo For Free On Your Browser Right Now

The limited shareware version is available at no cost, while anyone with an installed full game can access the entire Diablo experience via a web browser.

Have a hankering for a nostalgic click-fest of demon-slaying goodness?

For those pining for the classic ARPG that started it all and still haven't (somehow) picked it up on GoG or another storefront, the very first Diablo is now available to play for free via a browser right here.

Of course, there's a catch.

For those playing for free without owning a copy of the game, only the old shareware version is available. Access is restricted to the warrior class and culls the ability to talk to most of the townsfolk of Tristram.

Those that have the original game installed on their computer, such as by picking up the recently released GoG version that also includes the Hellfire expansion, they can upload a file and play the full version through their browser.

Although the controls are quite clunky by modern standards and the enemy AI leaves something to be desired, playing through the game that spawned a whole genre is a great way to kill time waiting on the next series entry.

A mobile game, titled Diablo: Immortal, was revealed at BlizzCon last year, but fans who have been impatiently awaiting a full-fledged sequel reportedly will have good news arriving soon.

According to a recent report from Kotaku, Blizzard recently axed an in-development FPS set in the Starcraft universe in order to shift development personnel over to Diablo 4 and a sequel to the massively popular Overwatch.

If the report is accurate, that would mark the second time Blizzard has canceled a first-person Starcraft shooter that was well into development, following the ill-fated Starcraft Ghost that was heavily advertised in game stores between 2002 and 2006. 

Looking for more ARPGs to play while waiting on Blizzard to finally release a new opus? The ARPG wars are currently in full swing, with new content out from Games Workshop, Relic, and others ready and waiting for action RPG fans.

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Published Aug. 1st 2019

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