D3 Go! responds to new Deadpool Daily Quest backlash

The new and not-improved Deadpool Daily Quest created a backlash in the Marvel Puzzle Quest community, D3 Go! responds to said backlash.

Players of Marvel Puzzle Quest have noticed that February, Deadpool's month and Deadpool Daily Quest's one year anniversary, has brought changes to the game. Not all was met with approval from fans. Immediately, players gathered together to complain about the new changes to Deadpool's Daily Quest on D3 Go! forums, Reddit, and more. 

The anger stemmed from the same thing: the new DDQ is unfair to new players. While many players have asked for a change in the DDQ to change things up, this was not what they had in mind. 

Completing the new DDQ has become impossible for players who have only 2-star teams. Even with the new championing system, unless you have maxed out your champions completing the daily quest is too difficult. 

David Moore from D3 Go! responded on the forums with this:

Hi everyone,

We've heard your feedback on the revised Deadpool's Dailies and Demiurge are going take another look at how things are currently playing out and tweak where necessary. We don't have a time-table yet for when a fresh balance pass will be completed, but the team hope to refine Deadpool's Daily Quests in the coming weeks.

Thanks very much for the feedback!

The game developers have listened to the outcry and will now try to fix it. They changed up the DDQ to try and bring fresh content to the game. There were other ways to do that. 

Dear D3 Go! and Demiurge, perhaps instead of changing the difficulty of the DDQ trying to satisfy jaded veterans of the game, maybe change the DDQ to something completely different. Changing the character that hosts the daily quests as well as the format of the daily quests might be a breath of fresh air instead of this.


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Published Feb. 19th 2016

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