Guitar Hero Live: How to change GHTV difficulty settings

There doesn't seem to be a difficulty setting for Guitar Hero TV. Turns out it's hidden within the Guitar Hero Live menus!

Is GHTV too easy/hard and you can't find out where to change that?

Difficulty in GHTV affects more than how hard your track is. Higher difficulties reward more points per note hit. This is why you'll see opposing players earning 100% notes hit, but ranking lower than you or others. You'll probably want to be playing on Advanced or Expert to consistently earn first place. Players will have great difficulty winning a GHTV lobby on Regular or lower difficulty.

Whether you're looking to lower your difficulty because GHTV is too hard (highly unlikely), or if you want to increase difficulty for more of a challenge and more points, there doesn't seem to be a difficulty setting. The developers really missed this extra little function, something I can see being included in future updates. Instead, GHTV difficulty directly ties into players' "Live" account. 

Whatever difficulty was last played on "Live" is the difficulty that is set for GHTV.

Head to Live > Quickplay. You'll see the above menu. To change GHTV difficulty, you don't actually need to play a song. Just strum down to Difficulty and set it to your hearts desire. Select the difficulty you'd like, press the first fret, and back out of the menus all the way to GHTV.

Remember: easier difficulties contain less notes and slower tracks, but won't reward as many points in GHTV; higher difficulties get hard quickly with faster tracks and more chords, but reward much higher scores.

You can change the difficulty as often as you need to. Happy shredding!


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Published Oct. 22nd 2015
  • Craig_7335
    If you pause the game during 'TV' you can change the difficulty you don't need to go back into 'live'

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