No Man's Sky Finished, Release Date is Set

The long-awaited space exploration game is finally finished.

 The upcoming space exploration game No Man's Sky was finished yesterday, to the delight of development team Hello Games and the game's huge following on Reddit.  The game is finally finished and ready for mass production.  Not only that, but the game has just gone gold as well, pre-selling more than five hundred thousand copies.  

Sean Murray, the founder of Hello Games and one of the leads behind No Man's Sky, posted this in picture in celebration.

The long-awaited game, which has had some trouble meeting release dates before, will be released in just over a month on August 9th, 2016.  Fans need not worry about it missing this deadline, as the game is finally finished and ready for production, which means there's no need to send death threats (not that there ever was).  


Published Jul. 11th 2016
  • Draco_8626
    I honestly cannot wait for this game. However I am sceptical about the huge size of this game. I think this game will be extremely buggy at first. We will get the final product probably 6months post launch. That is my opinion and hopefully I am wrong.

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