Doom Eternal Will Get a Small Day One Patch

The launch-day update for the first-person shooter won't be as large as those found in other recent releases.

As with most games these days, Doom Eternal will get a Day One patch. Luckily, id Software and Bethesda have managed to keep it relatively small, with the update coming in at around 5.1GB. 

While it may be frustrating for some players, especially those that already have to download the base game, Doom Eternal's Day One patch pales in comparison to some recent behemoths. The Division 2 had a 48+GB patch at launch, while The Outer Worlds on Xbox One had a 32GB launch-day update (it was a "mere" 18GB on the PlayStation 4).   

According to reports, it appears Doom Eternal's 5.1GB is of similar size, if not the same, across all platforms. 

id and Bethesda recently released the first-person shooter's PC requirements on its Steam page before removing them for unknown reasons. The specs can be seen over here

Doom Eternal is set to release on the PC (Steam and, PS4, Xbox One, and Google Stadia on March 20. The Nintendo Switch version of the game will come sometime in the future. Bethesda has not shared a release window for that version of the game. 

We've been able to play Doom Eternal twice already, and we've come away surprised and excited each time. After playing it at E3 2019, David Jagneaux said it was "It was suffocating and incredibly anxiety-inducing," but that he loved it. After playing the first three hours of the game, he said " it's clear that this is going to be even bloodier and better than 2016's reboot."

The sequel to Doom 2016 is currently available for pre-order


Published Mar. 9th 2020

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