Power Rangers RPG Beta Now Available in Select Territories

The supposedly closed beta is available to download and play for all Android owners.

Developer Nexon has released a beta of their upcoming mobile game, Power Rangers RPG, based on Saban's long-running Power Rangers franchise, in some territories, including North America.

In Power Rangers RPG, players will command different ranger team combinations, pilot Megazords, complete daily missions and dimensional explorations, have ranger teams compete in 5 vs. 5 training battles in the dimensional arena, team up with other players to complete Alliance Raids, receive exclusive rewards, and more. 

The beta features Rangers from Power Rangers RPM, Wild Force, S.P.D., Mystic Force, Megaforce, Super Megaforce, and Operation Overdrive.

The Power Rangers RPG beta will be available until March 2, 2018, after which all data will be wiped to work on balancing and other improvements. It has been stated the the beta is closed to testers only, but anyone with an Android mobile device should be able to download and play it. A release date for the final version has not yet been announced. It is currently unknown if the game will also release on iOS devices.

2018 marks the 25th Anniversary of the Power Rangers franchise. To celebrate, Saban will host special touring live events; Boom! Studios will be releasing more of their multiple Power Rangers comic book series, including the upcoming "Shattered Grid" event; Power Rangers: The Ultimate Visual History book will be released; Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel will premiere, which will include guest stars from previous seasons and a 25th anniversary special; new Legacy series Power Rangers toys made exclusively by Bandai will be released; and special collectible commemorative pins will be available at conventions and expos.

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Published Feb. 28th 2018

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