Playstation Store Update for July 23th

Stealth Inc. sneaks its way onto the PSN update as part of PSN Play 2013.


I am a 20 years old I Live in New Hampshire. I'm an Avid gamer with a huge passion for videogames. I recently had the realization that I want to get into Journalism. since then Ive Ive written my first Review for and an Internship for this wonderful site that i cant wait to start. I Hope to attend College Next year for Journalism. other than Than I'm a huge movie guy I'm always on Netflix love alternative music and I am Random. wanna know more about me? ask me! I love meeting New People. so follow me on twitter say Hi and Expect to see some Articles on her from me soon! PSN: FriskyDingo98.

Published Jul. 24th 2013
  • vegasaurusrex
    What's with Zone of the Enders 2nd Runner being $20 and the first one only being $10?

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