Re: Legend Kickstarter Campaign Reveals Final Stretch Goal

With only a few days left, the crowdfunded monster raising life sim reveals additonal end game content, breeding mechanics, and dynamic music.

After earning more than $353,000 and reaching its Magnus Breeding stretch goal, Re: Legend, the monster raising JRPG developed by Magnus Games through the Square Enix Collective, has revealed its final stretch goal: "End Game +". In addition, more details were revealed on Magnus breeding and the dynamic music which will be featured in the game.

Magnus Breeding

The chart above shows that breeding Magnus with the same rarity has a chance to produce Magnus of higher rarity, and certain details will change depending on the rarity of the Magnus produced. Only common rarity Magnus are obtained the wild, while higher rarity Magnus must be bred. 

Dynamic Music

For Re:Legend’s soundtrack, compositional duties are shared by three composers: Falk Au Yeong, Shota Nakama, and Yoshitaka Suzuki respectively, who previously worked together on some of Final Fantasy XV's music.

The concept for the music in Re:Legend centers on delivering memorable melodies in a dynamically changing format -- and building on them in new ways. The composers want to make sure players will be able to remember and associate the music with different areas, characters, and events when they hear it, even long after they have finished the game.

Sample music is available on Soundcloud.

End Game+

 "End Game+"  will allow the developers to add extended end-game content to Re: Legend, which will improve the overall gameplay experience for players who have already defeated the main story boss. The new content will include a final dungeon filled with randomly generated content, new bosses, new Magnus, and more. Future updates and expansions for the game are planned as well

Re: Legend has an expected release date of June 2018 for PC and winter 2018 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox One. The Kickstarter campaign for the game ends on August 25.


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Published Aug. 24th 2017

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