Valve Announces Exciting News About Steam

Valve steams ahead with its plan for world domination. Steam service raises by 10 million people.

Back in October of last year, the number of active users of Valve’s Steam service was reportedly 65 million. That is an impressive number and makes Steam the number one digital platform of choice among PC gamers. However, that number has just been shattered. By who you ask?


In an announcement made during the Steam Dev Days event being held in Seattle, representatives of Valve confirmed that the service now has 75 million active users. It is remarkable growth, with the digital distribution service able to gain 10 million more users in only four months.

Here is an official pie chart, that Valve has provided, which breaks down the figures by region.


As you can see, North America is in the lead with 41 percent, with Western Europe close behind with 40 percent.

A lot of the growth is due to the summer and fall sales that are often found on the service. Being able to get Assassin’s Creed 4 for $30.00 only a couple of months since release, or Bioshock Infinite for under $10.00 is a steal and draws in customers.

Does this mean that Steam will continue to see this kind of growth for the rest of 2014? Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure; the success of Steam means many more great PC games to come!

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Published Jan. 15th 2014
  • Big Chief 1
    Featured Correspondent
    Steam sales are my everything when the time comes for them to arrive. When games like the BIT.TRIP series and Super Hexagon are under a dollar, they're deals that you just can't beat.
  • Corey Kirk
    Featured Columnist
    absolutely! I have so many games that I have gotten for under a buck it's crazy.
  • Venisia Gonzalez
    Featured Columnist
    I love the Steam sales

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