Failed to deliver: 6 game releases that bombed harder than Mighty No. 9

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After a protracted battle against both time and angry backers who raised $4 million to see it created, the Mega Man spiritual successor Mighty No. 9 finally arrived... to less than triumphant fanfare.

Reviews are consistently coming in on on the low side, and people are so upset by what was created with all that money that some are wondering if it means the death of crowd funded video games.

For all the shade being cast at No. 9 though -- gamers seem to have forgotten we've had significantly worse (and less playable) games thrown our way in the past.

From big budget movie tie-in games that ended up in the bargain bin within months of release, to titles that so drastically changed style they were unrecognizable, there have been some mighty flops in gaming history. 

Here were going to look at six of the worst offenders that caused no shortage of headaches (and monetary loss) for publishers and developers alike. These half-dozen titles are all nothing short of a slap in the face to the gaming populace, and probably never should have been released.

Published Jun. 30th 2016
  • GabrielKross
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    The original FFXIV wasn't actually bad, it wasn't popular with the player base due to using older MMO concepts, but it wasn't bad. The fact that it remained live while SE was working on the relaunch version proves that there was a loyal fanbase, SE was just unhappy with the numbers as compared to FFXI.

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