Terraria 1.2 Release Window Announced - Redigit Says Before October 1st

Terraria 1.2 before October 1st? I believe in you, Redigit.

We've all seen the folks over at Re-Logic give release windows for the Terraria 1.2 update, only to be disappointed when that the stated time rolls around. Hints were dropped that the patch would be released in June, then again in July, and finally once more in August -- but here we are with no update.

The above said, there is no reason to get gloomy. Redigit gave a little update yesterday with a solid, believable release window:

The update will be out before October 1st now stop asking! :P

After being pushed back so many times, it's understandable that you may want to take this announcement with a grain of salt. This is the fourth time we've heard claims of Terraria 1.2 being imminent, but Redigit assures this is the definite window for release.

The man himself made an appearance on Reddit to calm the masses, reiterating the above and stating Terraria 1.2 is going to be released "for sure" before October 1st.

It's easy to brush away his claims after we have been waiting so long, but each announced release window before was stated in earnest. This estimation is no different, and Redigit's presence on Reddit backing up his announcement says leagues about how serious he is about getting the update to fans within this time.

Whether you believe Redigit or not is up to you. What really matters here is that the 1.2 patch and all of its glorious updates upon an already solid sandbox title is coming, and its release is edging ever closer.

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Published Jun. 12th 2020

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