Ubisoft confirms single-player campaign in For Honor

Despite the heavy focus on multiplayer at E3 2015, Ubisoft has confirmed that For Honor will feature a solo campaign.

Ubisoft has confirmed that the upcoming medieval hack-and-slash For Honor will have a single-player campaign, despite many speculations to the contrary.

For Honor was definitely one of the highlights of E3 2015, as it promised a sword-fighting, medieval game that moved away from the typical fantasy setting to focus more on realistic combat. In the demo shown, the multiplayer element was thrust to the forefront, with almost no mention of the single-player aspect. This resulted in many people believing that the game would be almost exclusively multiplayer, and the only solo play available would have bots replacing the usually human warriors.

In a recent Producer Highlights video, For Honor producer Stephane Cardin stated:

"One of the big questions we receive in feedback is about the solo campaign. We said that we will have a solo campaign, and I can promise you that we will have a solo campaign. It's one of the key subjects we are working on, on the floor. I can't wait to show stuff to you guys, and we'll do it as early as possible, like we did with the multiplayer."

As someone who tends to favor single-player over multiplayer, I am particularly pleased at this news. As fun as it looks to slash my way through a battlefield of knights, samurai, and Vikings with other people, I look forward to seeing what sorts of stories Ubisoft decides to give each of these medieval warriors in the solo campaigns.

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Published Jan. 12th 2016

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