FFVII: Review Of The Steam Version

I review Final Fantasy VII on Steam

So I decided to do a video  review of Final Fantasy VII's Steam version. It wasn't what I had geared up to do today, I had intended to do a review of Final Fantasy XI but emergency maintenance ended that. The other games I had were either in need of updates, weren't recording properly, or still under NDA banning video to be publicly posted.

My history with Final Fantasy VII

I first started playing Final Fantasy VII back in the 10th grade. I had already played through Final Fantasy VIII at this point, so I wanted to play VII since I had missed out on it back when it first released. I didn't actually beat Final Fantasy VII until about 11th grade. I enjoyed VII but VIII was my favorite. Not sure if it was a biased opinion based on VIII being the one I played first or what it's just how I felt.

What's different?

So loading into the game for the first time on the Steam version, the biggest difference was the game was not controller capable. I mean it's not a huge deal because besides your directional buttons you really only need 3 buttons, a menu, a confirm and a cancel button. You can set up a start button too for pausing, but it's not necessary, unless you really need to leave the game in the middle of combat. The other big change that I noticed was the graphics had been cleaned up. Characters, monsters and moving objects are a lot cleaner now, with smoother lines and brighter colors. So overall it looks better.

What's the same?

It's still Final Fantasy VII no silly things have been snuck into the game so far that I've noticed. However it did seem they reworked the dialogue slightly. The music is still phenomenal. The story remains the epic tale it always has been. It's just still a great game.

My rating

Initially I was going to let my preference for VIII affect my rating of the game as I cover in the video. I caught that error and judged it solely based on Final Fantasy VII and gave it a 10 out of 10 because Final Fantasy VII for Steam is still a great game.

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I review Final Fantasy VII on Steam

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Published Dec. 5th 2013

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