Team Fortress 2 hosts the ultimate Halloween event

Team Fortress 2 will be bundling all of their previous Halloween events into one event this Halloween.

Rather than concocting a brand new Halloween-themed event this year, Team Fortress 2 has decided to feature all of the previous Halloween updates for this year's Halloween event.

This year's update, which will not feature a new Halloween-themed event due to gaming updates, will showcase events from the past six years.

The update, which should be available at the end of the year, will feature new maps, cosmetics and a new campaign with contracts and weapons collections. Gamers will also see competitive matchmaking, perf, balance improvements and the moving of Manpower Mode out of beta with a new map.

The update will also display the best Halloween-themed community content.

To be considered for the showcase, gamers need only to tag each item they want to submit to the Workshop with the word 'Halloween.' Gamers will have until Oct. 18, 2015 to submit and tag any items up for consideration.

Unlike previous years, Halloween items will be viewable year-round.

What do you think of Team Fortress 2's epic Halloween showdown?


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Published Sep. 28th 2015

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