Did You Buy Cube World But Can't Find The Download Link?

The Cube World website is a bit of a mess, but you may be able to get the game right now.

Have you been visiting Picroma's site over the past few days in hopes you can buy Cube World? You're in luck: account registrations are up and for the time being the game is available for purchase and download.

In order to even find your way to the purchase page, you must register on the Picroma site and wander to the Buy Cube World page. The only purchase method currently available is PayPal. The price is displayed as £15, which comes out to approximately $20 USD in the PayPal checkout.

Do keep in mind the Cube World website is not completely stable just yet. If you find your way to the website but cannot make an account or find the link to purchase the game on the Buy Cube World page, try again later. The servers seem to still be under DDoS attack and are still not 100%.

I bought the game, but can't find the download!

After purchase there is no email notification and the PayPal checkout does not redirect to the download location -- and there is no download to be found in your account settings. [Edit: Some people are being redirected to a link to the My Games page, while some are not.]

I ran into this issue myself and was worried for a few minutes, until I took a look at the Picroma front page and carefully read the FAQ. If you have bought the game already, you can find it on the My Games account page.

What is bizarre about this is there is no other sign pointing to this page but in the FAQ, but your game download is there and is a compact 1.5MB. Once downloaded and installed your client will update to full size.

This is a bit of a run around just to get Cube World -- hopefully Picroma will make the My Games page more easily accessible to account holders down the line.

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Published Jul. 12th 2013

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