New Master Rank Fights Coming to Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

This will be the first time all versions of Monster Hunter World get an update, and it comes with new MR fights.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is finally getting its first simultaneous PC and console update next month, and with it comes new Master Rank fights for hunters to take on to test their skills.

Launching on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on April 23, the next Monster Hunter World: Iceborne update is finally bringing Kulve Taroth up to date with a new Master Rank quest to take down the Elder Dragon for great rewards.

That's not the only Elder Dragon players will have to face in Master Rank with this upcoming patch, though.

Arch-tempered Namielle will be added to the game as well, and it will prove to be a huge challenge for players of all skill levels.

Both of these Master Rank-level fights offer parts for new gear sets that nearly look cooler than the monsters themselves The flashiest gear is suited to the best of hunters, of course!

Check out the trailer above and keep farming for those elusive attack decorations to prepare, because you're going to need them on patch day in a  mere nine days on April 23.

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Published Apr. 14th 2020

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