Funko to release 6" Fallout and Skyrim figures

Fallout and Skyrim each get 2 6" action figures in November for $19.99.

Funko, the creators of the popular Pop! Vinyl figures has taken hold of Bethesda's finest and will be releasing two sets of Legacy Collection action figures: one set for Fallout and one set for Skyrim.

Fallout fans will be able to get their hands on the Lone Wanderer, the player character of Vault 101. He includes his own Pip-Boy and weaponry. Also from fallout is the Brotherhood of Steel's Power Armor action figure.


Likewise, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim fans will be able to get their hands on a Dovahkiin action figure with dual blade weapons and the classic horned helmet. Fans can also buy the Daedric Warrior action figure, complete in metallic and red spiked armor and axe weapon.


All of the above figures are 6" tall and set to release this November for $19.99 each. Fallout 4 is to release November 4.

Be sure to also check out earlier figures from Funko. They have a line of Fallout mini figures, and a line of Pop! Vinyl figures that include Fallout's Dwellers, Brotherhood of Steel, Deathclaw, Super Mutant, and Feral Ghoul as well as Skyrim's Dovahkiin, a Daedric Warrior, and a dragon.



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Published Apr. 26th 2018

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