Hideo Kojima bids farewell to his beloved series

The legendary game developer reflects back on 28 years of Metal Gear after launching the final game.

Almost immediately after the game launched, KONAMI released a "Debriefing" video for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. In the video, people who have contributed to the series such as the voice actors for Solid Snake, Revolver Ocelot, and Kazuhira Miller commend Kojima and thank him for having them as a part of such a well-recieved series.

Kojima also reflects on where the series started compared to where it is now. He stated, "I don't think anyone is capable of planning a series that spans 28 years. I always felt that every chapter I made would be the last, and nothing else would follow." Obviously, that was not the case. Perhaps he was just being modest, but each new installment of Metal Gear Solid significantly improved upon its predecessor, mechanically speaking.

Few video game characters have a spot in players' hearts the way Big Boss does.

Although he has said it many times in the past, it seems that this will indeed be his final Metal Gear. After his apparent falling out with Konami, he is expected to leave the company any day now. Kojima Productions has disbanded, and this final Metal Gear video being released shows just how much the game has impacted those who played it or worked on it. People have bonded over Metal Gear, and some have even developed relationships because of their shared interest in it. Here's to you, Hideo Kojima, and from all Metal Gear fans, we thank you.

Published Sep. 4th 2015

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