Second Extinction Releases on Xbox Game Pass For Console, PC

Dino shooter Second Extinction has released as a Game Preview on Xbox and PC through Game Pass.

Developed by Systemic Reaction, Second Extinction is a co-op first-person dino shooter that released in Steam Early Access in October 2020 and has grown in player base and content immensely since then. . Now the shooter is on Xbox and PC as a preview through Xbox Game Pass. 

This release comes with a new content update with a new playable character, new tutorial, and new rewards for players to earn.

Second Extinction pits teams of three against swarms of dinosaurs roaming the post-apocalyptic world. The game features a wide variety of weapons and abilities to fight your prehistoric enemies, who have mutated into even better killing machines than they already were. 

Interestingly, the co op aspect of the game goes further than just your own squad. There's a metagame within Second Extinction whereby completing missions and activities directly impacts the threat level and challenges other players face. 

We enjoyed Second Extinction when we checked it out early in its life cycle. We praised it for its "fast-paced, smooth gunplay built perfectly for co op, complementary heroes [that] allow for varied squads, [and] addictive upgrade system with great rewards."


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Published Apr. 28th 2021

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