RuneScape 3 Launched Globally

Get ready for RuneScape's revival on browsers worldwide.

The day has finally come: the sequel to the immensely popular free-to-play browser-based MMORPG RuneScape, RuneScape 3, has just been released worldwide.

The MMO, heralded by creators Jagex as "Your Greatest Adventure," features new content and lore, beginning with a player-driven dynamic event called the Battle of Lumbridge. The Battle is one of many whose outcomes, decided by players, will determine the fate of the RuneScape world. The presence of these events is expected to make gameplay constantly epic and exciting.

CEO of Jagex Mark Gerhard said, “Married to the concept of our players determining the future of RuneScape, we believe RuneScape 3 is the most ambitious game ever launched on this cutting-edge future technology and lays the foundation for our upcoming expansion onto tablets.”

Besides its new features, the launch is globally incredible as well: RuneScape 3 is available in five different languages across 190 countries around the world.

“The simultaneous launch of RuneScape 3 around the world has been made possible by the hard work and dedication of our team over the last year,” said Phil Mansell, the Executive Producer of RuneScape 3. “RuneScape 3 ushers in a new age for players in terms of user-driven content, story, gameplay and technology, and we couldn’t be more excited for them to write the next chapter in RuneScape’s epic saga."

Though the sequel has received several significant updates across the board in its switch to an HTML 5 engine, RuneScape 3 is expected to continue to appeal to its massive amount of fans gained over the course of more than a decade.

Gerhard said, “Since launch, more than 220 million RuneScape player accounts have been created, we’ve developed 12 years of regular content, and the game is still growing. With the launch of RuneScape 3 we are looking forward to welcoming new and old players alike back to the magical world of Gielinor.”

All interested players can sign up on the game's official page to play today.

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Published Jul. 22nd 2013

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