Which Cities: Skylines DLC Is Most Worth Getting?

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Cities: Skylines has several DLC packs that mayor-players can add to the popular build simulation base game. The benefits of purchasing DLC range from a weather system to natural disasters. Seven must be purchased, while two others -- "Match Day" and "Pearls from the East" -- can be downloaded for free.

Colossol Order, developer of Cities: Skylines, first released "Match Day" on June 9, 2016. This expansion brings a stadium, ticket revenue, team colors, and stadium policies. "Pearls from the East" was released on March 22, 2017, and includes three new buildings inspired by Chinese architecture. These two DLC are must-haves, simply because they're free. 

But what about the rest?

With so much content available of varying prices, which is best for your budget?

Let's break it down and find out! In the following slides, we'll go over all 7 pieces of paid DLC and examine their strengths and weaknesses. On the final slide, we'll let you know which ones are going to give you the most bang for your buck if you've only got a little to spend.

  • Note: It should go without saying, but all DLC requires the base game Cities: Skylines to play. Cities: Skylines is currently 68% off on Steam, which means it can be bought for as low as $9.59 (regular $29.99).
Published Apr. 8th 2017

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