Which Cities: Skylines DLC Is Most Worth Getting?

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Content Creator Pack: High-Tech Buildings

  • Release Date: November 29, 2016
  • Price: $4.99 regular (currently 20% off at $3.19) 
  • Overall Review: Positive
What It Offers

This DLC brings 15 new buildings from creator Mauro Vos. It features several unique buildings -- including a farm, nanotechnology center, research center, robotics institute, a space shuttle launch site, and television station. There are also city service buildings, including police headquarters, medical laboratory, large crematorium, and university.


The service buildings provide some value, but the rest aren't functional. Like Art Deco, the content in this DLC was not created by Colossol Order -- so any proceeds go to the creator, Mauro Vos. In addition, as mentioned, similar unique buildings can still be downloaded for free elsewhere on the web. 

Get This If...

You want to support Mauro Vos and show your gratitude for all he's developed in Cities: Skylines.

Published Apr. 8th 2017

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