Tom Clancy's The Division season pass and year one content detailed

Tom Clancy's The Division hits stores March 8th. Take a look at what's to come in year one included what will come with the season pass.

The wait for Tom Clancy’s The Division is almost over, as the game will hit stores for PS4, Xbox One and PC on Tuesday, March 8th. We are sure that New York will never be the same again. However, players would like to know what will come after the epidemic hits. The wait for that information is also over.


A post on the Ubiblog site offers details on what is to come for The Division post launch. It states that there would be two free updates; so even if the season pass and DLC aren't your thing, the game will still see post launch maintenance and additions. Three paid expansions have been announced and will be available to those who have bought the season pass -- or those who bought the gold or collector’s edition of the game. One paid expansion, titled Underground, will launch in June while the other two expansions are slated for late summer and the wintertime.

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Published Mar. 5th 2016

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