10 Things You Didn't Know About the Minecraft Pigs

Ever wanted to know more about the pig from Minecraft? No? Too bad!

All credit goes to MagmaMusen, and you can watch his original video here, but if you can't watch or just want to read a bit more, here's 10 things you (probably) didn't know about the pigs in Minecraft.

They turn into zombie pigmen when struck by lightning

I mean, ok, you probably knew this, but did you KNOW this? Have you ever seen it happen? MagmaMusen caught it on camera, so now we know for sure! Conspiracy confirmed!

The used to look pretty different

Before the pig became the handsome fellow that he is today, he went through a few revisions. Not so long ago, the pig looked pretty different, though, you know, it's still a pig.

And even more different before that

Thankfully we've gone well beyond when the pig was this goofy, cross-eyed dude. Minecraft sure has come a long way.

Pigs have nipples

The next time someone tells you that Minecraft is just a bunch of blocks, you show them this incredible graphical innovation and fine attention to detail. I mean, look at that. Nipples!

Pigs have eight in real life, not six -- but hey, close enough.

Burning pigs drop cooked porkchops

Sure, you could kill the pig and cook the porkchops the normal way, but that's so inefficient! If you light the pig on fire you can skip all the middle steps. Of course, this makes you a cruel and heartless person who lights animals on fire, but it does save time.

Pigmen were the original inhabitants of villages

Before we got the doofy, incompetent villagers that inhabit Minecraft villages today, the original inhabitants were supposed to be pigmen. I'm not sure whether or not this is more or less creepy than the glassy-eyed zombies-to-be that currently live there, but I think it's probably for the best that we don't have to trade with upright pig-people.

You can ride a pig

That's right folks, grab yourself a saddle, hitch it up to your favorite pig, and you're off into the sunset together.

Well, you would be if it worked in this snapshot. You need a carrot and a stick to make the pig go, but it doesn't seem to work at the moment. You can definitely sit on the pig and look around like a brave, pig-riding conqueror, though.

There's even an achievement for riding a pig off a cliff

It's a pretty obscure achievement, but if you want to show off your Minecraft chops, try riding your poor pig off a cliff a few times and see what happens. At worst, you'll get a few porkchops out of it.

Pigs have toes, other animals have hooves

This is actually true to life, and another example of the fine dedication to detail that the folks at Mojang have. 

The creeper is actually a failed pig model

Turns out, the iconic creeper is a failed attempt to make a pig. I guess Notch thought his monstrosity was terrifying enough to live on as Minecraft's most obnoxious enemy. So really, when you kill these guys, you're just putting them out of their misery.

Know something about the pig we missed? Let us know! And make sure to check out MagmaMusen's YouTube channel, he's got lots more lists like this!


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Published Apr. 15th 2016

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