I Must Be Sick: I Want Kingdom Hearts III More Than FFXV

There was a time when Final Fantasy was the only name that mattered in the world of JRPGs. Now, everything has changed.

This is coming from someone who, despite the recent missteps, still believes Final Fantasy is the greatest role-playing franchise of all time.

It has been declining ever since Final Fantasy XII, even though I managed to enjoy FFXIII and FFXIII-2. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII was an abomination and an insult to the legendary name, as far as I'm concerned, and I'm not expecting a return to glorious form with Final Fantasy XV.

Recently, Square Enix said they were surprised at the great response Bravely Default received, as if they were mystified that a traditional RPG could still earn great reviews and big sales numbers. I said in a previous article that if Square Enix isn't ready to learn, FFXV is toast. It's that simple.

Thing is, I don't believe Square Enix when they say they've "seen the light"

Why? Because we've heard it before. Just because the company says all the right things doesn't mean we'll see a great RPG. In fact, I have no idea what Lightning Returns even was. The fact that Square Enix was surprised at Bravely Default's success in the Western territories tells me just how clueless they really are. There's no chance they're going to revamp their current development plans for FFXV just to reflect these recent "lessons learned." That's the problem.

Therefore, when the action game with minor RPG elements called "Final Fantasy XV" arrives, I won't care. No, I'm not saying it has to be turn-based; I'm merely saying it could take cues from other fantastic modern RPGs and implement them effectively. They could take that classic Final Fantasy style and blend it with, you know, a real RPG. That's all I'd ask. I just refuse to believe it'll happen, though, and that's why I'm not holding my breath.

Had you told me there'd be a time when I chose Kingdom Hearts over Final Fantasy, I would've LAUGHED

Hey, I like Kingdom Hearts just fine. I've played the games and they're fun. They're not a patch on the best installments in the FF series but they're still great games. I have every confidence that Kingdom Hearts III will be another stellar entry, and I'm almost 100% certain I'll want to play it. I can't say the same for FFXV. This is a nigh-on unfathomable scenario for me, the lifelong FF follower who, at one time, honestly believed Final Fantasy could do no wrong.

The idea of a new Kingdom Hearts being ahead of a new FF on my "most wanted" list almost makes me want to cry. That's just because it illustrates how far my beloved Final Fantasy has fallen over the years; when Square Enix can't stop using the word "action" to describe a new game, I just want to throw something at the screen. Sure, KHIII will be real-time and everything but that's hardly a departure. I'm sure it'll play very much like its predecessor, which is what the fans want.

My, how times have changed. And not for the better.

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Published Sep. 2nd 2014
  • Benjamin Zabala
    You're not alone on this. I began playing Kingdom Hearts before Final Fantasy, with 3D and 1.5 HD ReMIX, and given recently that I finished FF VII for the first time as my first FF title, I have to say I much prefer the Kingdom Hearts series though I like both series a lot. I myself want Kingdom Hearts III more as FF XV is more of wild card as you're implying. I hope both are good as I want both but like you, Kingdom Hearts III is hot on my radar right now. I hope they give more info on both at TGS and not make us wait until E3. Kingdom Hearts resonates with me more honestly, regardless that I've only played one FF game out of the entire series. Happy gaming Fathams_4209

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