Farewell coin available for loyal fans as European Club Nintendo closes

Club Nintendo of Europe added a commemorative farewell silver-plated coin to their rewards program; saying "Thank you" in Japanese.

Club Nintendo is closing their European outlet and giving the fans a huge farewell in goods and products available for purchase with their Stars until September 30th, 2015.

The last addition to European Club Nintendo is the commemorative "Thank you" coin that is obtainable for 2,000 Stars, and comes in a velvet protection pouch.

A thoughtful Farwell

Featured on the silver-plated "Thank you" coin is the dynamic duo of Mario and Luigi waving goodbye with the text "thank you" in Japanese on one side. Upon the other side of the coin and pouch is the popular Club Nintendo logo with the Mario cap.

The full dimensions of the coin is 40mm in diameter and 3mm thick. (For reference, a US Sacagawea dollar coin is 26.5mm and 2mm.) The drawstring velvet pouch dimensions are 50mm x 60mm.

The products on Europe's Club Nintendo are regionally available to Australian and European users that registered products on that website. Though North American Nintendo fans aren't able to get the items with Stars, they're bound to turn up on online outlets such as eBay.

Future memberships with Nintendo

While Club Nintendo in North America came to a close on June 30th of 2015 and the European branch is ending on September 30th, Nintendo is making way for a new membership program that they will implement over the upcoming years.

The only catch is that all funds through Stars and Coins won't carry over to the next program, so spend them while you can!

What do you think of the new product on Club Nintendo's Europe website? Is it enough of a farewell for the loyal fans around the world? What would you have liked to see? Give us your thoughts below!

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Published Sep. 3rd 2015

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