Zelda Breath of the Wild Rumored to Have Late Nintendo Switch Release

The latest Zelda game could miss the launching date of Nintendo Switch in order to deliver better quality.

The latest entry of The Legend of Zelda series, Breath of the Wild, could be unavailable for the Nintendo Switch launches when it in March. Emily Rogers, an well-known tipster specialized in Nintendo topics, reported from various sources that the game's localization is behind the schedule, and could take up to the end of December to finish.

Moreover, Breath of the Wild is speculated to have at least 4 to 6 months of testing due to its enormous and ambitious scale. Nintendo itself has high commitment to release the game with minimum errors and bugs. If this information is confirmed, then the game won't be in the list of launching titles for Nintendo Switch.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the 19th official installment in the Zelda action-adventure video game series. It is also the first game in the series to implement a seamless open-world environment, while allowing the players to enter the game's dungeons in their own choices. Breath of the Wild still sets the story in the land of Hyrule and follows Link after sleeping for 100 years and waking with no memory of prior events.

The game was first announced in January 2013 with the aim to release in 2015 as an Wii U exclusive title. However, many delays were made due to multiple reasons, from game engine issues to the development of upcoming Nintendo Switch. Zelda Breath of the Wild is slated to release simultaneously on Wii U and Switch in 2017. But only time will tell if Nintendo makes that deadline. 


Freelance Journalist from Hanoi, Vietnam

Published Nov. 16th 2016

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