5 Games That'll Get You So Hooked, You'll Forget Any Other Games Exist

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Every gamer seems to have that go-to game (or games) to play when they just don’t have anything else to get into. Whether you're broke, or don't see any enticing new releases, or simply have a game hangover, we all tend to fall back on that one game at some point or another.

These games are kept on the back burner because they are reliably fun...and addicting. Most of the time, these titles are in the 100+ hours club and usually have already been beaten (or completed to their fullest extent) at least once.

But that go-to game isn't just any major release. Games like The Witcher 3 might be addicting and deserving of many playthroughs, but oftentimes are lacking a certain open-ended element that other games use to suck you in. 

So what games do most gamers default to when they're between games or just looking to spend time in a world they know and love? Let's take a look! For curiosity's sake, we've also included stats from HowLongToBeat which show the average playthrough time for each game, plus the amount of time needed for "completionists" to do everything there is to do. 

Published Jan. 8th 2017

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