Warlords of Draenor: Detailing the New Zones of Draenor

Blizzard fleshes out Draenor, the savage home world of the Orcs and Ogres, in their newest expansion.

World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor sees the players going back in time to before Draenor split and became Outland. The world is still whole and there is a lot of beautiful new land to explore, along with new creatures and races to befriend or do battle with.

Seven New Zones

There are 7 new zones in this upcoming expansion. These are all either past versions of the zones players have visited in Outland or what those zones used to be before Burning Crusade.

Tanaan Jungle

Tanaan Jungle is the first area that players will go to when they go through the Dark Portal into Draenor. This is what eventually turns into Hellfire Peninsula (in our timeline.)

From the image above, you can gather that this zone is completely different from the Hellfire Peninsula we are all used to. Instead of being a red, rocky wasteland, it is a beautiful, lush jungle filled with life. It is also home to the Bleeding Hollow Clan.

The development team has labeled the first time players go through the portal into Tanaan Jungle as a suicide mission. Could the threat be solely from the Bleeding Hollow Clan or could it be from something else that lives inside of this monstrous jungle? 


Although they are not even on the same planet, the plants in Talador are very reminiscent of Eversong Forest.

Talador is where current-day Shattrath City is based. Players will be able to see the city during its heyday when they visit Draenor. The city is much bigger and much more impressive.

Inside this zone is also the Draenei city of the dead Auchindoun. This is where Draenei want to go when they die. As Metzen put it, it's like their Valhalla.

Despite it being a gigantic, advanced city, Shattrath is besieged by a "terrible demonic threat", according to the Warlords of Draenor FAQ. The Auchenai Soulpriests are doing their best to protect the lives of the Draenei that live inside this sacred city. Who could be behind this demonic force? We'll see...


Nagrand is not wildly different when compared to the Nagrand of Outland. However, this zone in Draenor is filled with a bit more life.

Players will have to be on their guard for the vicious Warsong Clan that resides in this area. Led by Grommash Hellscream, this clan harkens back to the old days of Warcraft, when Orcs were heavily inspired by Khanate Mongolian dress and culture.


Gorgrond looks like it could be a part of Durotar in Kalimdor. This dry, canyon filled desert is the home of the Blackrock Clan. As can be seen in the pictures above, they are building siege weapons. These are to be used on unsuspecting Horde and Alliance players who cross paths with Blackhand and his crew.

Gorgrond is filled with giant steam vents that the Blackrock Clan Orcs will use to help build their war machines for the Iron Horde.

Spires of Arak

Many WoW players loved the Arrakoa from Burning Crusade. In Warlords of Draenor, we get to see them as they were during the height of their civilization. Before they were corrupted, hunched over shells of their former selves, the Arrakoa were beautiful winged creatures.

The home of the Arrakoa is the Spires of Arak. Here, players can see what their civilization looked like. The Spires are also home to Kargath and the Shattered Hand Clan, as well as the ogres who had previously enslaved them.

Shadowmoon Valley

This is the zone where the Alliance capital for Warlords of Draenor will be located. They will make their home in the Draenei holy temple of Karabor.

This zone is filled with rolling hills that are constantly illuminated by stars as the zone enjoys a permanent night. This gives it a very mellow yet sombre feeling.

Although the zone looks mellow, it is filled with a very real danger to Alliance players: the Shadowmoon Clan led by Ner'zhul. This Orc who will eventually become the first Lich King could pose a serious threat to the safety of the citizens of the Alliance.

Frostfire Ridge

Home to Thrall's clan, the Frostwolves, this zone is a snowy landscape mixed with active, towering volcanoes. Frostfire Ridge is not only home to the Frostwolf Clan, but also to the newly arrived Horde.

This is where the players of the Horde will have to fight against Ogres to claim the Bladespire Fortress for their own. After defeating the Ogres, player will not have a moment's rest as they will be forced to deal with the giant slaying Thunderlord Clan. These Orcs are so badass that they killed a giant that was giant even for a giant and then made their home out of its bones.

Published Nov. 9th 2013

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