Will Mario Kart 8 Save The Wii U?

Will Mario Kart 8's anti-Gravity, graphics, and a new Rainbow Road be enough to bring the Wii U back to life?

With fans raving over the new Mario Kart 8 trailer, it's no secret that Nintendo has put itself back on the map. Watching the mind-blowing cinematic, the Mario Kart 8 audience is introduced to top of the line graphics featuring Piranha Plants, Boomerang Flowers, new courses, and more. The futuristic title is sure to take the Mario Kart experience to the next level.

What Kind Of Features Are We Talking About?

New Items

While every Mario Kart enthusiast will remember the shells, banana peels, mushrooms, and the rest of the classic items, Mario Kart 8 will up the ante by adding two new tools of destruction to the course: the Piranha Plant and the Boomerang Flower. 

The Piranha Plant will sit on the front of your cart destroying everything in its path, including other dropped items. When it reaches out to devour something, your cart will gain a temporary speed boost. 

On the other hand, the Boomerang Flower can be tossed behind or in front of you up to three times to stun every other driver in its path. 

New Characters

Joining our time-honored heroes will be Metal Mario, Lakitu, and Shy Guy. Now the streets will be paved by an even fiercer and more diverse competition. 

New Courses

Along with the 16 remastered courses, Nintendo has added another 16 new courses for your racing enjoyment. Some remastered courses include Toad's Turnpike, Moo Moo Meadows, and a fan-favorite Rainbow Road. 

Is Wii U's Head Going To Surface?

While the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 continue to butt heads, a lonely Wii U is still sulking alone in its corner. Not only did Nintendo fail to market its system to its fullest extent, the overall quality of the system seems to be lackluster compared to competitors.

However, it seems like Nintendo has yet to give up on its lowly contender, bringing titles to the table that some are calling Nintendo's saving grace. These include Super Smash Bros, X, Bayonetta 2, Super Mario 3D World, and especially Mario Kart 8

Nintendo has the products that will sell, but what would really get them going will be intelligent marketing tactics. Not many people know that Wii U even exists, much less a separate console than the Wii itself. 

Writers at Kotaku, IGN, and others suggest that Mario Kart 8 will be exactly what the franchise need to get back on its feet, as the game trailer insists that the game itself is "worth the price of admission for Nintendo’s newish Wii U console.”

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Published Apr. 3rd 2014
  • Mikeslemonade
    I think this going to be one of the worser selling Mario Karts. The same business model over and over again always has a downfall in some point. Has already happened when GTA4 came out and then COD. Mario Kart 8 will sell but not as much as it's preceding games. It's just a lot of core gamers being excited for it. Just like how New Super MArio 3D missed the bar.
  • Stealth_1807
    I do not think the system needs saving
  • Jim_6558
    Funny the Wii U keeps getting bashed but everyone i have known has tried playing on my Wii U LOVE it! I really hope MK 8 will turn things around. seems Nintendo knmows this and Smash brothers will be out very soon toon! (I think July) .Its a fantastic console and deserves better rrecognition than its getting now. There are other fantastic games on it too like Dues Ex Human revelation, rayman Legends, Lego City Undercover, the two Mario Games, AC 3 and 4 etc etc ......

    Hope 3rd Parties come back too plus tons of Indie love :)
  • Mary Yeager
    Senior Intern
    I have had this on pre-order since it was available. I can not wait for it. Think me and my girls will be having a ton of fun with it!
  • Chris Coccaro
    Mario Kart 8: Now with 100% more wind-tickled mustaches.
  • zoLo567
    Senior Intern
    To be truthful, this game is actually making me consider a Wii U, along with a couple other games coming out. Maybe this could turn Nintendo's fortune again
  • Danielle Marie
    Featured Columnist
    It looks like it is working then! I'm thinking it really might
  • NorthwestGamer
    I'm on the exact same boat. Between this and Super Smash Bros I would be down to get a Wii U just for that alone. I basically did with the Wii.
  • Xavier's
    Featured Correspondent
    Really awesome article!
  • Danielle Marie
    Featured Columnist
    Thanks! And thank you for reading ^.^

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