SteamWorld Dig Discount Comes to Nintendo eShop!

SteamWorld Dig discount is coming to Nintendo eShop!

Well strip my gears and call me a wagon! Today, SteamWorld Dig for the 3DS will have a 20% discount in both the European and American markets starting on October 17th through October 20th. Previously, it was believed that only the European eShop would offer the discount, but it has been confirmed from the developers that the discount will be offered in both American and Australian eShops. They state on twitter:

My take

While this is good news and all, there really is no way a studio like Image & Form (which is trying to grow its audience like any studio should) can ignore either the Americans or Australians when a sale like this comes around. Companies do sales to get more publicity and therefore more money. Let’s face it, every studio in Sweden right now would love to be as successful as DICE. 

Published Oct. 14th 2013

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