Smite Enters Open Beta on Xbox One

Try out SMITE on Xbox One with the open beta, available now.

Today, Hi-Rez Studios announced that its free-to-play MOBA, SMITE, entered open beta. It launched in March 2014 on PC, and is now the first MOBA to come to Xbox One. Players can get access to the game directly from the Xbox games store, but Xbox Live Gold is required to play.

Founder's Pack Details

The SMITE Founder's Pack is also available for open beta users for $29.99 on the Xbox games store. This includes all 65 gods currently available on Xbox One, all future gods, 400 Gems for the in-game marketplace, Soldier of Fortune skin for Ares, and Cacodemon X skin for Ymir. This offer ends when SMITE officially launches for Xbox One later this summer.

Transfer Benefit

If players also play the PC version, they can link their account to their Xbox One account to get a free Zeus skin to use on both accounts. Players can also transfer select items and progress from their PC account, one-time only. Everything players get during open beta, transfers over to the game's official launch. 

eSports Following

SMITE is also one of the leading eSports franchises in the world for PC. It has over 8 million players and is one of the Top 3 MOBA's. This mythology-focused game uses an engaging 3rd-person camera to set it apart from others.

If you're looking to join or start a SMITE clan, check out our sister site, Gamer Launch is the official Clan Host for SMITE.

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Published Oct. 4th 2016
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