Fan-made Mega Evolutions We Wish Existed

Mega Cofagrigus by pokeluka

Like Mega Jirachi, little is known about pokeluka's Mega Cofagrigus, except that it is a dual ghost fighting type, which would be a unique type combination. Given that there are few ghost Pokémon, and even fewer ghost mega evolutions, this addition (if it existed) would make some changes in Cofagrigus' competitive tier. With its new typing, it might even shift tiers.

Though by all accounts Cofagrigus seems like a Pokémon that might not have a solid body (just a mass of empty bandages and a fog of black, spindly hands), this is an intriguing sort of interpretation of what the Pokémon might look like outside of its sarcophagus.

Published Jun. 13th 2015

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