Warcraft highest-grossing game movie of all time

Negative reviews mean nothing in the face of $377.6 million, as gamers and moviegoers (particularly in China) flock to the Warcraft movie.

Rotten Tomatoes may have critically condemned the film, but gamers and the movie-going public aren't tired of the Warcraft movie. Over the past month, the movie accumulated approximately $377.6 million, becoming the most successful game movie of all time. The previous record-holder, 2010's Prince of Persia, had earned about $336 million. 

Much of the revenue has come from foreign countries, While Warcraft had a steep ticket dropoff in the US after generating $24.2 million on its first weekend (around 72.7%, with $6.5 million), it broke records in Ukraine ($233,000 for the biggest opening day ever) and is wildly successful in China ($156 million). Its success from the latter should come as no surprise, as half of World of Warcraft's current players (5 million) hail from China. 

As of now, it's been reported to have made over double its budget cost ($160 million) worldwide. While it's been reported it needs at least $450 million to break even, that's enough to consider it a rousing financial success. 

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Published Jun. 20th 2016
  • Rothalack
    Master O' Bugs
    Wait, so the budget was $160 million, but it needs $450 million to break even? What's that other $290 million? Advertising? Localization?

    Oh and yes, I was $139 worth of that when I bought 7 tickets for myself and friends haha. Excited to see more Warcraft movies and more excited to see if they do some Game of Thrones style television series.
  • Anthony Pelone
    Yes, marketing costs and the like. Seems like it's well on its way to covering that, though.

    I haven't seen it, mainly such I'm not such a Warcraft guy, sadly.

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