Eternal Conflict arrives to HotS; Diablo 2's Amazon will be a skin

Blizzard's new FAQ page informs players on Eternal Conflict update notes while also hinting at upcoming maps, skins, and heroes.

The Eternal Conflict update has arrived in Heroes of the Storm, and with it comes a new playable character - The Butcher - as well as a new map - Battlefield of Eternity. However, the lesser known Eternal Conflict update page has teased at a little more than what has already been released...

In my previous article, I informed readers that Blizzard would be releasing King Leoric and the Butcher in the upcoming patch, as well as the aforementioned Battlefield of Eternity map. However, I also pointed out Diablo II's Amazon hidden among the crowd and theorized that she might be a hero coming to the Nexus in the near future. While we have not heard any news on the Amazon's whereabouts since that update, Blizzard's Eternal Conflict FAQ page has all but confirmed this to be true.

In the image seen above, we can see the already released Butcher alongside Leoric. What is most exciting, however, is that the Amazon from Diablo II has once again appeared - this time in splash art, riding a mechanical wolf. It was previously mentioned that the character's appearance may only be a skin for Starcraft II's Nova character, and a quick analysis of the Eternal Conflict page confirms that this is likely the case.

How can I make this claim? Simple.

In this image, we can see a subsection of the Eternal Conflict page that provides information on newly released heroes that have arrived with the Eternal Conflict update. What is important to note is that there are not three hero slots provided but four slots, two of the slots hiding currently unreleased heroes.

Why is this important? We know that King Leoric will take up one of the four slots since he has already been confirmed as an upcoming hero. Diablo III's Monk has also been confirmed in this trailer for the Eternal Conflict. Since the Amazon is sniper-like Diablo character, and the Eternal Conflict update seems to revolve around Diablo themed stages and heroes, we can arrive at the conclusion that the Amazon will - unfortunately - only release as a skin.

Diablo III veterans will recognize the irritating laughter of the Treasure Goblins that are now roaming throughout the Nexus.

There is more to the update as well. According to the Blizzard page, there is still one more map coming soon to the Eternal Conflict update. Furthermore, the Diablo III Treasure Goblins that appear in-game give players a 100 shop gold bonus once per day. However, Blizzard hints that there might be more to the sneaky thieves than just a bit of gold. Each goblin killed goes toward a global tally, and this in turn might lead to more content in the months to come.

Remember, all of this is simply speculation and theorizing based upon what the Eternal Conflict FAQ provides. Until Blizzard officially announces what the future content will be, all of this remains up in the air. Only one thing is certain: kill those Treasure Goblins, and let the Eternal Conflict commence!

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Published Jun. 12th 2020
  • GameSkinny Staff
    I just gave this map a go last night and I ADORE it. It's so cool and way more dynamic than I would have thought. Plus, the immortal fight is just plain rad.
  • David Fisher
    Featured Columnist
    The map is amazing. Had this been one of the release maps when HotS came out of beta it would have boosted my review score at least 3 points since I feel like it highlights what this MOBA has been trying to focus on: team-fights.

    I have to agree with you on the immortal fights. Watching them go at one another during their position changes reminds me of not only the Diablo III cutscenes, but also Anime-style fights from shows like Dragon Ball. It's visually stunning. Can't wait to see what they do with their other IPs in upcoming maps.

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