Real-Life Pong Table Looks Straight Out Of 1972!

A team made a real life Pong table that looks straight out of the game!

Pong has long been one of the most iconic video games of all time. It's a simple game, yet addictive and entertaining -- at least that's what Daniel Perdomo, leader of the Pong Project, thinks. He and his team spent over two years designing a real-life table version of the game, complete with score board, two paddles and a square ball. The table, which also doubles as a coffee table, was made during their free time and acts as a homage to the classic video game.  

The team had no  "electronic, production design and manufacturing skills" prior to starting this project and learned everything from "Google, YouTube and forums".  Although the project looks finished, the creators are still looking for investors and a hardware incubator to make this dream a reality. There is no information on if or when this table will be available to the public. 

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Published Jun. 6th 2016

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