First Student-Made PS4 Game Coming on July 15th

Piecefall, a 3D puzzle game made by Sheffield Hallam University students, will be released on Wednesday, July 15th for only £1.00 on PS4.

After three different development teams, ten months of development time, and various iterations over two years, the first fully published PlayStation 4 student game will be released on the PlayStation Store on Wednesday, July 15th.

From Steel Minions Game Studio, created in 2010 at Sheffield Hallam University to provide students with a merit-based "work simulation" studio environment, Piecefall is a Tetris-inspired 3D puzzle game where abstract floating islands destroyed by a storm have to be rebuilt piece by piece on a horizontal plane.

Four islands, each with twelve puzzles to be solved, allow players to gather points to unlock the ultimate level of the Zen Island by rebuilding the ancient spiritual monuments. The 3D visuals bring a sense of Minecraft, while the soft textures give off a tranquil calmness during gameplay.

 As part of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's (SCEE) academic development program, PlayStationFirst, Sheffield Hallam University has the largest PlayStation teaching facilities in the world, with an extensive suite of PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita development kits. With the help of local game developers, mentors, and a dedicated PlayStationFirst producer, the first student game for the PlayStation 4 will finally be published.

Developed by students who have already secured jobs at LittleBigPlanet 3 developer Sumo Digital in Sheffield and Elite3D in Valencia, Piecefall will be available on PlayStation 4 for only £1.00 on Wednesday, July 15th, 


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Published Jul. 9th 2015

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