Limbo is Free on Steam Until June 22

Add Limbo to your Steam account by June 22 at 10 AM Pacific Time and keep it forever.

The developer Playdead is giving away Limbo on Steam for free until June 22, at 10 AM Pacific Time. Simply add the game to your Steam account, and you will keep the full game after the free period.

Limbo was also free on the Xbox One for a short period. So if you missed your chance to claim it from the Xbox store, you can now get a free copy for your PC.

Limbo is a dark 2D puzzle platforming game that follows a boy's journey to find his sister. The game's world is dangerous, filled with obstacles, traps, and deadly enemies. The game has received overall high reviews.

Playdead has an upcoming title called Inside, which will be released for the Xbox One on June 29, 2016, and for the PC on July 7, 2016. Inside is also a puzzle platformer and shares some visual similarities with Limbo.

Get your free copy of Limbo on the Steam store before time runs out, and experience the game's eerie beauty.

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Published Jun. 21st 2016

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