Bioshock Collection Revealed with an Awesome Trailer

The Bioshock collection has been announced with this awesome trailer.

One of the largest series in all of gamingBioshock, is getting a remaster later this year. The collection will include Bioshock, Bioshock 2 and Bioshock Infinite along with any and all downloadable content. That's over $100 worth of content for a mere $60.

You can expect to get your hands on the collection on September 13 of this year.  

One thing to note, Bioshock Infinite will not be remastered for PC because it already looks great. And unfortunately, the multiplayer edition for Bioshock 2 will not be included in the collection. 

On the plus side, however, PC users who already own Bioshock and Bioshock 2 and/or Minerva's Den on Steam will get upgraded to the remastered versions for free

If you have not yet had the chance to experience one of the best game series to come out in the last ten years, now is your chance. You can experience the roller coaster ride of a story in Bioshock, the emotional story of subject Delta in Bioshock 2, and the heroic and thought provoking story of Booker DeWitt in Bioshock Infinite

The collection will also come with some extra features, a video commentary about the creation of Bioshock, a museum of concept art, challenge rooms, Minerva's Den, Trials, Burial at Sea Episode One and Two, Clash in the Clouds and Columbia's Finest Pack (Money, lock picks, gear and two weapon upgrades for Bioshock Infinite).

The Bioshock Collection will be available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on September 13, 2016.


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Published Jul. 1st 2016

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