BioWare reveals details on next chapter of their Fallen Empire expansion

BioWare reveals release date for new Fallen Empire chapter.

BioWare has pulled back the curtain on the next chapter for SWTOR's Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion. Titled 'Disavowed,' the new chapter is set to launch on March 10. 

This chapter follows the events of February's release, 'Anarchy in Paradise' and will focus on recruiting and aiding Havoc Squad. This team of commandos will instantly be recognizable for anyone who has played through the base game's Trooper storyline. 

This is the second of seven planned chapters that will be released monthly over the course of this year. For players that subscribe by March 1, they can look forward to two-day early access as well as March's subscriber reward: an Hk-55 inspired helmet. 

For new players, you can jump right into the expansion without having to slog through the base game, as BioWare provides each new subscriber a free level 60 character.

As a SWTOR player, I was disappointed with the content in the latest chapter, so I am hopeful that 'Disavowed' gets everything back on track. 

Do you play SWTOR? How do you like the new expansion? Let me know in the comments.

Published Feb. 19th 2016

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