What's going on with Street Fighter V, Capcom?

Capcom's solution to punish rage quitters should have been dealt with before the game's release.

As many of you may know, Capcom released a statement saying that they aim to fix the issue of players rage-quitting before a match ends to keep their win streaks. Capcom has asked everyone to provide evidence of these rage quitters in order to deal with them. And everyone seemed to respond positively and prefer this to be a constant practice in the video game industry. Why is this such a big deal? 


At first, gamers would complain that rage quitting should be dealt with. But now that it's being dealt with, the way Capcom is dealing with it isn't as noble as you think. A community member on the site  Quora asked others:

How do gamers feel about Capcom's new anti rage-quit penalties?

A man named Czen Limbago responded and received a great number of positive ratings for his answer. In it, he states he is upset that Capcom has enabled their fans to engage in toxic behavior by reporting rage quitters in order to get rid of the problem. Instead, he says, Capcom should fix this problem themselves before releasing the game to the public to avoid any further complaints. 

Personally, I find that having the community report on rage quitters is a childish way to fix this issue. I'm going to use Nintendo's Super Smash Bros, specifically the 3DS/Wii U installments, as an example of how rage quitting should be dealt with. 

Nintendo has already taken the issue of rage quitting into since the release of Super Smash Bros 3DS. The main issue is that even if the match is lagging heavily, players cannot afford to quit the match if they don't want to suffer a 10 minute penalty. If the match ends up lagging and nothing happens for a few minutes, then both players are disconnected and no one gets the penalty.

I have been playing online on the Wii U and 3DS version and I have noticed that NOBODY has ever quit the match because of the 10 minute punishment. Instead, players have to truly debate whether they keep on fighting or purposely lose. Those who truly rage quit end up taking away their stock (lives) just to end the match, which affects their personal records. 

Although Capcom has shown signs of acting on rage quitters, publicly shaming people in order to deliver, what everyone claims to be, justice is just wrong. Without a doubt, I am one of those people who do not appreciate rage quitters. However, there has to be a better way to pull this off without having players themselves become tattletales. Capcom, you need to seriously consider doing something close to what Nintendo has done for their Super Smash Bros series. 


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Published Mar. 19th 2016
  • DoubleVendetta
    As a longtime fan of fighting games, and current head of an indie dev group on one, I'd suggest a formula similar to how I'm planning to handle it. Treat a random disco as a disco, because sometimes people's internet shits out, and that isn't something you should hold against them. But if someone's disconnecting practically every other match, then you obviously know that's probably not bad internet.

    So, give players a disconnect rating. Can be as simple as a colored icon with different percentage ranges applying to a few colors, and then, GIVE PLAYERS THE CHANCE BEFORE A MATCH TO CHOOSE WHETHER TO PLAY IT. Ffs, they did it in IV. Even in Ranked, you selected your opponent from a list, and had a set of filters you could apply, like Region and Skill Level. Re-implement this Capcom. I don't understand why you would take it out. And yeah, a disco, should drop your winstreak. Sucks for those people whose internet cuts out, granted, but there's no other effective way to handle it, and people who ragequit shouldn't be able to hold on to some ridiculous 130+ streak by quitting right before they lose any match.
  • Unique_Unit
    I also agree to this idea. Before playing Street Fighter 4, there was Super Mario Strikers Charged for the Wii, and you could view the internet bar of players you could choose to play against online. It was such a small thing to do, but it made the experience much better because you knew who you were going to have a less laggy experience with.

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