If You Aren't Using the Smilodon Mod for Skyrim, You're Doing it Wrong

The Smilodon mod enhances combat on all platforms for Skyrim Special Edition. Faster combat, enhanced AI, and more realistic damage makes playing more challenging and immersive.

Skyrim is still kicking ass when it comes to player base and playtime. With the release of mods on console with Skyrim Special Edition, even more players are creating the Skyrim they want. One of the mods that everyone needs to install is Smilodon, which enhances combat as you meander through the cold wilds of Skyrim. 

Smilodon is the successor of the Wildcat mod. Updated, enhanced, and enabled for console, it has a range of features to make combat more realistic. Such features include timed blocking, improved AI combat with various fighting styles, faster combat with more damage exchanged, and attacks of opportunity.

The improved AI makes opponents more decisive when fighting and more relentless when hunting players down. Actions cost stamina and movement while having a weapon drawn is greatly reduced. Stamina and magicka regeneration are also reduced. 

Smilodon can be turned on in an existing load and runs on a low script load. It also comes with the ability to configure or turn off various features, allowing players to customize their experience. Some features, such as the realistic damage, are not available on PS4. 


The increase in damage and having a more advanced AI makes combat more ruthless, and the chance of dying is increased. While damage dealt and taken are in a fair exchange, players will have to be more mindful of their health levels. It is the perfect mod for experienced players who are looking for a challenge without installing an enormous file.

New players who are looking for a more in-depth combat system will find that with the Smilodon mod. The mod makes playing Skyrim Special Edition a more immersive experience.If you are not using it, you should be.  

What do you think of the Smilodon mod for Skyrim Special Edition? What other mods are you using to enhance your playing experience? Let us know in fat comments below! 

Published Apr. 12th 2018

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