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A brief recap of the 2013 Pax Prime live stream.

Yesterday WildStar had a live stream panel on the Pax Prime 2013 Pax 2 channel.The Wildstar developers centered the panel around player housing. We got to see a lot of unique features of the housing system, some of which the developers discussed, and some which they did not.


So, one of the big things is rested experience, it is based on how much stuff you have in your housing area. The more stuff you have the faster you can earn rested experience. We also got to see how players can modify the environment on their plot of land, so if you don't want it to be all happiness and sunshine ir doesn't have to be. Also, the house itself allows for freeform placement on the interior and exterior of the building. This meaning you can place items wherever you want, and even make jumping puzzles.

The developers also briefly went over some other features, like the challenges, the mini dungeons, and even a crafting station in your plot of land. One of the challenges involved using a tornado to try to collect crystals. Due to the demonstrator already having beaten the challenge we didn't get to see it during the stream, they did show the process during the demonstration though. You can also set up mini dungeons on your land that you can challenge with friends, the monsters scaling and adapting to your group. The last really cool housing feature I wanted to mention is that you can set up your own crafting area in your housing area, so you don't have to go find them.

Q & A session

No panel would be complete without a Questions & Answers segment, so here are a few of the topics discussed. I don't have the full questions as they were hard to hear. Most importantly, the developers were asked about guild housing, which they avoided saying anything on. Another cool topic discussed was the telegraph system, not only can you turn it on and off, you can also modify how it's displayed so that you can see it better. The last big topic they touched on in the Q&A was the Holy Trinity concept. The Holy Trinity will be in WildStar, but you can customize how your classes do their jobs within the system.

As someone who isn't personally interested in WildStar I have to say, that I'm impressed. There are a lot of cool features in the game and several innovative concepts. As always let me know your thoughts below, what you're looking forward to or dislike about WildStar. Also please share this with your friends. Thanks for reading.

Published Sep. 1st 2013

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