Wild Hearts Developer Investigating PC Performance Issues, Says Patch is on the Way

Omgea Force is looking into performance issues that PC players are having with Wild Hearts and will be issuing a patch soon.

Developer Omega Force's soon-to-be-released Wild Hearts, a Monster Hunter-like game, has suffered from a number of performance problems on PC during its early-access period that has made it unplayable for some. In a new update to its community via the Steam Community Forums, the company stated it is investigating these issues and will be working on getting a patch out next week.

Omega Force are working continuously to improve performance and optimise [sic] the game for a wide variety of hardware specs across future updates. We have a patch coming next week that addresses a CPU bottleneck problem the team discovered; this should improve performance across mid-high end CPUs.

Like a number of high-profile PC releases over the last year, Wild Hearts suffers from stuttering problems and issues with low framerates on high-end equipment. Anecdotal evidence from people on various forums states that even playing with systems well above the recommended system requirements results in subpar performance. Omega Force hopes to address this with the addition of Nvidia's DLSS and AMD's FSR technologies to mitigate poor performance with upsampling.

In the meantime, the company is asking that anyone with issues submit their DXDiag results to the team via EA's website. While these issues are unlikely to be resolved with the upcoming day-one patch, it hopefully won't be long until players on all platforms can have smooth performance with no worries.

Wild Hearts will be releasing on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S on February 16, 2023.


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Published Feb. 15th 2023

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