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Soon, the first Modern events of the new season will start attracting all Magic: The Gathering enthusiasts to their tables in order to test the latest Ravnica Allegiance cards.

The new set has a vast number of cards that could fit into a variety of Modern archetypes, and there is even the possibility that these cards will create some new decks as well. Regardless of whether you are a Control player or a Burn fanatic, you will find a lot of new toys to play with in Ravnica Allegiance.

With that said, this card list offers a number of options for most top-tier lists in Modern, and they will not hit your wallet too hard. If that's what you're looking for, then check out the 11 best Ravnica Allegiance cards for Modern right here.

Smothering Tithe

Taxing opponents is one of the most common practices in the Modern format, and this enchantment would fit into Death and Taxes pretty well — either taxing your opponent for two mana or allowing you to ramp. 

In either case, you will be in a good position, since there are tons of draw engines in Modern. As a result, Smothering Tithe will quickly become the bane of the format, as nobody wants to pay so much for every card drawn.

To note, there is another card in Ravnica Allegiance that has a similar effect: Tithe Taker. However, when you have Thalia, Guardian of Thraben in the format,  you don't really need another, slightly worse, hatebear.


Seasoned Modern players are well aware of the delve mechanic and its advantages. Cards like Gurmag Angler and Tasigur, the Golden Fang have been staple choices in many black decks as a result.

Pteramander offers something similar in decks that focus on casting lots of cheap non-creature spells. Think of archetypes built around Delver of Secrets or Young Pyromancer.

Both of these creatures want to be in decks with a great number of instant and sorcery spells. In these decks, you could quickly accelerate to Pteramander as a 5/5 flying creature for only a couple of blue mana.

It also works great with Dark Confidant, which will only do one damage to you when revealing Pteramander.

There is definitely huge potential in this little card.


Sphinx of Foresight

There's been a lot of speculation regarding the viability of Sphinx of Foresight in Modern.

It looks like the card has some real power in Control decks, which would greatly appreciate the ability to scry three times at the start of the game as well as once every turn. However, that is not all.

Sphinx of Foresight could be used in combo decks that are specifically looking for certain cards also, where the free scry ability comes in very handy. Additionally, the 4/4 flying body is great for attacking and blocking.

It's a simple yet effective card that will surely find its place in the format, so keep your eyes peeled for it in the near future.


Electrodominance has already proven to be amazing in all possible formats in Magic: The Gathering, but Modern is the place where it really shines. Specifically, this card allows you to sneak out suspend cards like Living End, Ancestral Vision, and Restore Balance, and it can do it at instant speed.

If you're not interested in playing combo lists, then you can use it in more secular decks like Jeskai Control or even Burn. Basically, you can do no wrong with this card — that's how powerful it is.

This power comes from its flexibility, which means that you will see it in many different archetypes that use red mana in one way or another.


Light Up the Stage

Here's a card that has a very specific home, and that's in Burn decks. Light Up the Stage is perfect for drawing more cards, and it does so for only one red mana with its Spectacle ability triggered.

Burn decks have always been very strong, but they often lack a card draw engine. Now the problem is solved, and Burn players will never have to worry about dead draws or flooding.

Unsurprisingly, the card is not too effective in any other types of decks. The reason is that it's a lot harder for Midrange or Control decks to consistently deal damage to opponents in order to activate the Spectacle ability. That's why Burn is the only correct choice for Light Up the Stage.

Incubation Druid

Modern Elves is so well-polished that it seems nothing could make it better. But what if you added Incubation Druid to a list with Oran-Rief, the Vastwood and Llanowar Reborn to put the +1/+1 counter on it as early as possible?

Since Elves strongly relies on fast ramp, it looks like Incubation Druid would be a perfect addition to the deck. But of course, it could be used in the same way in any other deck that relies on quick ramp, including many combo decks.

Either way, Incubation Druid is definitely a worthwhile investment for any serious Modern player.


Deputy of Detention

It looks like Wizards of the Coast decided to give Detention Sphere a body. Well, good for them and good for us because it is a lot more fun to play Deputy of Detention than Detention Sphere.

Many will remember how much trouble the infamous Reflector Mage created for opponents. Now it's time for them to deal with Deputy of Detention, which is no less dangerous.

The only downside is that it does not have a Human creature type, so it can't be used to maximum effect in the Humans deck. But it will do just fine in any other list that utilizes both white and blue mana.

Growth Spiral

Every Scapeshift player dreams of putting more lands on the table and drawing cards. Well, Growth Spiral is a special treat that satisfies both of those desires.

Amulet players will find it just as interesting, since it's really easy for them to pay the cost. But that's not all of its applications, as even Tron players could find a spot or two for this very special instant spell.

Just like Electrodominance, it has a very flexible nature, and it can be used in so many different ways. Finding a perfect home for Growth Sprial all depends on your creativity.


Lavinia, Azorius Renegade

Tron is one of the worst match-ups for Humans decks, so naturally Humans players would like to have some powerful weapon against them. Fortunately, this time WotC decided to give them what they have wanted for so long.

Lavinia is that perfect counter to Tron decks that can't help themselves but cast Karn Liberated or Ugin, the Spirit Dragon on turn three or four. If you have Lavinia on board, then it won't happen that easily anymore. Of course, they can still play their creature spells, but Tron decks rely mostly on their overpowered Planeswalkers.

The second ability of Lavinia works great against Amulet Titan decks that run Pact of Negation and Summoner's Pact. This card kills two birds with one stone.

Prime Speaker Vannifar

Currently, there are several viable combos with Prime Speaker Vannifar in Modern. You could either use Saheeli Rai or Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker as your main combo engine, but the fastest and most reliable combo is as follows:

  1. Play Birds of Paradise or Noble Hierarch
  2. Play Saheeli Rai
  3. Play Prime Speaker Vannifar
  4. Create a token of Prime Speaker Vannifar 
  5. Sacrifice Birds of Paradise or Noble Hierarch for Scryb Ranger 
  6. Return Forest to untap Prime Speaker Vannifar
  7. Sacrifice Scryb Ranger for Deceiver Exarch
  8. Untap Prime Speaker Vannifar
  9. Sacrifice Deceiver Exarch for Felidar Guardian
  10. Use Felidar Guardian to refresh Saheeli Rai 

As a result, you will have a guaranteed infinite Felidar Guardian/Saheeli Rai combo on turn three with the help of Prime Speaker Vannifar.

Rhythm of the Wild

This seemingly uneventful enchantment actually hides a great deal of power. It can be used in Jund and Zoo lists to give all those powerful creatures Riot, which basically means Haste. Imagine playing Tarmogoyf with all its power, plus Haste on top.

The best part is that control players will have no means to counter your creature spells, so you can freely play anything you want without worrying whether you need to wait for a turn or not.

This is a fantastic card for all Aggro and Midrange players, so be sure to test it and see how it performs for you.


That is all on the 11 best Ravnica Allegiance cards for the Modern format. For other Magic: The Gathering guides at GameSkinny, check out the list below:

Published Jan. 24th 2019


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