Pioneers of Olive Town Expansion Pass Part Two Live Now

Pioneers of Olive Town expansion pass two adds new marriage candidates and a cozy new place to explore.

Part two of the Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town expansion pass is live now, bringing with it a new area, new clothes, and some new faces to Olive Town that should be familiar to series fans.

Windswept Falls is the new Pioneers of Olive Town area accessed via your boat. It's a cozy little nook with some houses, a waterwheel, and perhaps more importantly, people who want to marry you.

Neil and Felicia, both from A New Beginning, join the game as new marriage candidates — and yes, you can ditch your current partner to mingle again — along with Dunhill and Hina as new regular NPCs.

Pioneers of Olive Town expansion pass part two also adds some new clothes. You can don the school uniform set, and you can direct the other 10 marriage candidates to wear it as well.

The new expansion pass update arrives shortly after the Pioneers of Olive Town 1.05 update which vastly improves some of the game's less pleasant features, including maker and cooking times, NPC dialogue, and the framerate drop problem around the farm and other areas.


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Published May. 28th 2021

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