Deadfall Adventures Finally Gives Us Some Juicy Details!

Deadfall Adventures has been particularly silent since it was announced, but today at E3 live, gamers had the chance to see a live demo and hear all the latest info on the game. The action/adventure game is inspired by Indiana Jones and looks like it was worth the wait!

Deadfall Adventures has been out for quite a while and relatively speaking, there hasn't been much talk about it yet.This pseudo-Indiana Jones title is your typical action/adventure game from a first-person perspective. Playing as James Lee Quartermain, you use your wits, environment, and special equipment to tackle the most difficult puzzles and to battle your foes. Fans of Nordic Games may be expecting something similar to the guns-blazing, monster-riddled Painkiller, but the company has expressed that this isn't the case. Deadfall Adventures will be more about treasure hunting than monster hunting. While it is still a first-person shooter game, there are numerous other objectives and opportunities to be inventive in your gameplay. The Farm 51 has put their hearts and souls into this game.As you go through ruins and jungles, you will notice that the weaponry and equipment you find is pretty accurate to the time period. In the demo shown at E3 today, gamers were able to see the detail of the guns used by James as he battles his way through Mayan ruins. The styling, reload, and more have been researched to ensure that the gaming experience will be as authentic as possible. And this is the same for every weapon in the game.When questioned about the slow reveal of Deadfall Adventures, the representatives at E3 described the project as a "passion project" that The Farm 51 developed in their spare time. When Nordic Games caught wind of it, they joined into a partnership with the company and helped them to finish development. Due to the game starting out as a "passion project," the developers at The Farm 51 really put the necessary time into this to make it great. It wasn't about the money, it was about the quality.Inspired by Indiana Jones.When making the game, developers had Indiana Jones in mind. But rather than rehashing and recreating a tale that has been told over and over, they chose to go back to the foundations for Indiana Jones. They researched H. Rider Haggard's Allan Quartermain to develop a game with the same premise as the classic.James Lee Quartermain is the great-grandson of Allan Quartermain. All of the storylines are twisted slightly to adjust them to James, but they are drawn directly from the originals. Better yet, they kept the best of Indiana Jones. Just like with Jones, in Deadfall Adventures every treasure comes with a price. You get to battle mummies that are sensitive to your flashlight which realistically needs to charge after you use it. And sometimes you have to find an object that weighs the same as what you just picked up in order to escape a trap.Deadfall Adventures is scheduled to come out at the end of September...maybe?The original release date was listed as July 30, 2013, but in the E3 live video stream today, representatives of Nordic Games said that the game would be released at the end of September. However, the game website and trailer still list the release date as July 30th so your guess is as good as mine.When the game is finally released (date pending), it will be available on PC and Xbox 360. Talks are underway on developing it for other consoles, specifically PS3. Basically, what I gathered from the live talks today is that the game is fantastic, it has multiple objectives and is story driven, and if you are a fan of Indiana Jones then you must check it out!But enough of what I think, check out the game for yourself and let me know how you feel in the comments below!


Published Jun. 13th 2013

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