9 Minecraft Skins to Celebrate Zelda: Breath of the Wild

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With the release of Breath of the Wild, Zelda fans have been reinvigorated all across the world. It's inspired new forum and chat communities, a ton of new fan-made artwork, and an overall surge in the popularity of Zelda culture.

Newbies to the series may even find that Breath of the Wild tips them on to great games from earlier, like Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess, and Skyward Sword. Nintendo hit it big with the release of the Switch, and Breath of the Wild was the perfect game to have available at launch.

The Legend of Zelda and Minecraft share a lot of the same fans, and that's why I'm here to show you guys nine of the best Legend of Zelda skins to help celebrate this reemergence of the series.

Published Mar. 13th 2017

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