9 Minecraft Skins to Celebrate Zelda: Breath of the Wild

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With the release of Breath of the Wild, Zelda fans have been reinvigorated all across the world. It's inspired new forum and chat communities, a ton of new fan-made artwork, and an overall surge in the popularity of Zelda culture.

Newbies to the series may even find that Breath of the Wild tips them on to great games from earlier, like Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess, and Skyward Sword. Nintendo hit it big with the release of the Switch, and Breath of the Wild was the perfect game to have available at launch.

The Legend of Zelda and Minecraft share a lot of the same fans, and that's why I'm here to show you guys nine of the best Legend of Zelda skins to help celebrate this reemergence of the series.


Textured Link by TambelSpielt

Let's kick things off with my opinion of the best available Link skin out there. This skin shows the traditional green-suited Link with the Hylian Shield on his back. While this isn't the Link we know and love from Breath of the Wild, Zelda fans everywhere recognize this outfit as iconic to the series.

Textured Zelda by poptarted

Very similar in style to the last skin of our list, this is a beautifully-shaded skin of Princess Zelda that you can start using in just a few clicks! The skin is accurate to her appearance in Twilight Princess, showing off her long purple-white dress and tiara-like hair ornament.


Breath of the Wild Link by DownLoadableCam

Being a brand new game, I was pleasantly surprised to find such a well-made Link skin from Breath of the Wild! Sporting a lighter shield and blue outfit, Link looks a lot different in Breath of the Wild than we remember him from past games. This skin does an awesome job of capturing it.

Twilight Link by reece12335

This is a bright-colored skin showing off Link's look from The Twilight Princess. It goes really well with darker, dimmer texture packs as you stand out really well compared to surroundings.


Twilight Zelda by reece12335

Here, we have a Zelda skin to match the Link skin in the previous slide. In the same way, it's very bright and stands out. Again, this skin is made to match the appearance of Zelda from The Twilight Princess.

Skyward Fi by reece12335

The last of the set from this same author goes to Fi, the spirit that hangs around the Goddess Sword in Skyward Sword. She's basically a less annoying version of Navi, and you'll also find her in Breath of the Wild!


8-bit Link by megaman0614

Enjoy a little bit of nostalgia with this Link skin from the very first game on the NES! While the art style may not be impressive, it's completely accurate to the original Link from The Legend of Zelda. This is as good as it gets with just eight bits!

Ganondorf by Quatro7

The main protagonist of the series often goes unappreciated, but this is the best Ganondorf skin out there that I've found. It shows Ganon in full, gold-plated armor and with his traditional cape. If you're feeling a little villainous, this one's for you.


Navi by FairyTailWizard04

Hey, listen! Navi has a bit of a cult following throughout the series due to her meme-birthing behavior. While it is annoying to her those catchphrases over and over, she actually is quite helpful. She lets Link Z-Target people, right?

What do you think? Have any more skins to share and suggest? Leave a comment below and I'll check them out! You can also feel free to ask if you need any assistance using these skins.

Published Mar. 13th 2017

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