Tales of Berseria in Development for PS4 and PS3 with First Female Lead

Tales of Berseria's protagonist, Velvet, is the first female lead of the Tales of series and she plans to raise some hell.

Even with Tales of Zestiria still in the process of shipping to North America, Bandai Namco Entertainment announces the next installment in the series: Tales of Berseria, in development for release to both the PlayStation 3 and 4.

Tales of Berseria will be the first mothership title in the 'Tales of' series to star a female protagonist. Her name is Velvet.

Photo taken from 'Tales of Festival 2015'

Past Tales games have all featured male protagonists with female characters in supporting roles. Tales of Xillia came close, with an attempt to divide the game equally between the male and female leads.  

Tales of Berseria promises to do no such thing.  Velvet is the one and only hero of the story.  

This dialogue caption essentially translates as:

"I won't give up.  I'll give them hell, however many times it takes."

Taken literally, the phrase means 'I'll devour them'.

Not much background information was provided, but from this line alone Velvet looks to be a character to remember.

At present, Tales of Berseria has only been announced for Japan, the release date not yet determined. 

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Published Jun. 6th 2015
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