8 Best Creative Minecraft Servers 2019

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Server: Builder's Refuge

Builder's Refuge is a unique creative server. This isn't just for goofing off and creating, though there is always a learning opportunity in that kind of play. No, Builder's Refuge bills itself as Minecraft server for professionals who want to improve their craft and get to know other creators like themselves.

Given the server's goal, it's no surprise those wanting to go pro get access to world edit and a host of other features at no charge, to say nothing of the massive plots on offer without any rank gimmicks attached.

It's also home to the Darwin Reforged project that takes advantage of the Minecraft Forge to let builders create incredibly detailed scenes and buildings, usually with a medieval focus.

There are tutorials, networking opportunities, and an active Discord, as well as special worlds designed for streamers that let them interact with users — and it's all free.

Sure, this isn't the creative server for everyone, because not everyone has plans to go professional with Minecraft building. But if you do have those plans or think you might want to try it out because you're a prolific builder, there's not likely any better place than Builder's Refuge.


These are just a few of the many, many creative Minecraft servers loose in the wild.

Whether you prefer a channel for your creative impulses, more realism, or a place to spend time creating something to use outside creative mode, there's a creative Minecraft server out there waiting for you.

Published Sep. 27th 2019

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